According to a survey from Feedvisor, brands are looking to use for many reasons beyond simply selling products.

When asked about their top business strategies for Amazon, 62 percent said they use the channel to drive sales, but close behind was the need to acquire new customers, 60 percent; and to build brand awareness, 58 percent.

Outside of those three top responses related to the sales funnel, the next most important way brands are using Amazon is to “Identify My Competitors,” cited by 41 percent. When asked about their top source of competition, 37 percent of brands cited national or global brands, followed by direct-to-consumer brands (25 percent) and Amazon’s private labels (21 percent).

In this way, Feedvisor wrote that brands are looking to “receive insights on their current competitive arena, nix competitors that are not actually a threat, and truly understand who may be stealing demand or market share from them.”

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