Amazon generates tens of millions–possibly hundreds of millions–of visits per month. As the company controls nearly 50 percent of the eCommerce market, much of the revenue generated has been reinvested into the company, resulting in tons of alterations and improvements. Naturally, Amazon aims to continue that growth–and those changes–across the next decade. While it is essential that retailers keep up with the broader eCommerce trends for 2020, it is also imperative that they zero in on the more narrow category of Amazon trends for 2020 as the marketplace is one of the most important online destinations for all retailers. Moreover, given the long reach of Amazon and Jeff Bezos, the changes the company makes has the power to send ripples through the industry. Therefore, staying abreast of what Amazon is up to is a necessity. If your company is already profitably selling on Amazon but wants to take things to the next level, awareness of Amazon trends for 2020 is critical for reaching the next stage of success. Ready to see how the year will unfold for Amazon and its sellers? Check out these seven Amazon trends for 2020. (Source:

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