We are a USA Miami , Florida based Company focused on providing Amazon E-Commerce and Digital marketing solutions to growing brands who are looking for an experienced ally to professionally represent their products and brands online.

Under the Brand name Fun a Ton we are the exclusive Amazon representative & Seller for the Ja-ru Brand . At our website funaton.com we offer multiple retail and wholesale offerings with a large Party & Novelty toys selection.

We have a seasoned team with ample experience in Amazon E-Commerce with digital marketing integration.

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Our Values

Inspire a Positive Attitude – This means that we work on internalizing and expressing true happiness and optimism. Our most important dress code is wearing a smile. Smiles are contagious and we want to make them viral. We promote fun, creativity, and a fresh approach to our work. You will recognize it in our teammates when their challenges inspire them to rise in the face of obstacles.

Embrace & Drive Change – We believe that as rapidly as our world is changing, we have to remain heads-up in how we conduct business, the products we sell, and how we sell them. We encourage innovation. Your ideas are important, and we want to hear them. We are constantly looking for new ways to improve customer satisfaction and our impact with the world at large.

Be Responsible – This includes our responsibility to our world. Tikkun Olam gives this a special meaning for us, which means to repair the world by making a positive impact on all our points of contact, to achieve this we need to be profitable, conscientious of our surroundings, and work with high levels of organization and kindness. We encourage all our staff to be responsible with themselves, their families, the company and the world at large. 

Our Story

We believe in divine providence guiding every step we make. Our founding grandfather Gregorio Gutt of blessed memory came from a small town in Ukraine called Shyroke escaping the II World War and traveled to Bogota Colombia. There he worked for a few years and saved some money and invested it all in porcelain products from Japan. As the container traveled the Pacific Ocean a coup developed in Colombia and all imports were prohibited entry by the new government. A positive attitude to the challenge was critical to embrace change, he took responsibility and he decided to move to Caracas Venezuela where the goods were imported and later sold.

Our grandfather embraced change and brought his 2 sons Jaime and Alvaro to work in the business called General Import. Started as a retail wholesale far east importer business and later evolved into one of the leading Toys, Housewares & more retail chains in Venezuela. When at 49-year-old Jaime passed away a new challenge emerged and Jaime’s wife Alicia Ray Gutt embraced change and took responsibility for her family and started working in the family business.

A few years later Alex incorporated into the business and later Gregory. 2 Cousins now 3rd generation from our founder. The business kept growing until a leftist communist oriented government took over the country. Criminality went out of control and doing business in an honest way became practically impossible. A new challenge had been raised and Alex decided to open a new frontier in the blessed country of USA in the city of Miami. Some years later Greg joined Alex in Miami and 2Good Corp was formed. 2 cousins who lived the family values of inspiring a positive attitude when challenges arise, a willingness to embrace and drive change and a big responsibility for our families, our coworkers, our society and the world at large. Different countries and different times have passed but the same values we learned from our family motivate us every day.

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Our Team

Alex Gutt
Bright Vision Co-Founder

Greg Gutt
Good Vibes Co-Founder

Yari Roman
Compliance & Happiness officer

Adriana Urena
Walmart & Bright data analyst

Cristhian Quiroz
Positive Images Chief Designer

Osman Gabriel Avilles
G&C Logistic Affiliate
Smiles Fulfillment Manager

Natalia Benitez
G&C Logistic Affiliate
Smiles Fulfillment Coordinator

Valeria Ferrer
G&C Logistic Affiliate

Smiles Fulfillment Assistant

Stephanie Maldonado
E-Commerce & Social Media High Flier 

Brands we manage on E-Commerce